Tuesday, 13 October 2009

What if......

Found myself wondering at the widespread dumping of toxic waste of the Ivory coast which emerged on to Wikileaks the other day, and two thoughts just happened to bump into each other in the tortuous passageways of my rather convoluted consciousness.

What if, went my unruly reasoning, what if all the scare stories we get fed via the media are diversionary tactics to keep the Environmental lobby otherwise occupied? Keep the Eco-Wienies wound up about CO2 causing the heat death of the Universe and they’ll be so happy with all the funding ‘saving the world’ throws their way, no-one will notice a nasty little secret poisoning the oceans off the almost lawless lands of West Africa, and maybe other, similar countries?

What if said toxic dumping is only the tip of a very large and particularly dirty iceberg and the whole Global Warming scare was a blind to divert public attention from the real risks to the planet?

Just a thought……….. Sleep well now.

Update: Just in case you thought toxic waste dumping is only restricted to the West African coast. How about off Somalia, and in the Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic oceans?

Incidentally, I was very surprised to hear on the radio the other day that Victoria, provincial capital of British Columbia, Canada, still discharges untreated sewage into the sea. Oh and local fishermen refer to a location off Start Point, Devon, England as 'shit alley' because of all the toxic waste dumping that has gone on there in the past. There are many, many, more. Fish for supper anyone?

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