Saturday, 17 October 2009

Some people just dont get it

I see the soap dodgers are trying to shut down the UK's electricity supply again. Honestly, these protesters are thicker than a banquet of plank sandwiches. Guys, the whole climate change thing is bunkum. Look at the studies. All around you people are dropping carbon trading, the hockey stick is in matchsticks, the world is less stormy, and St Al is being mocked to his face over his specious claims of impending disaster. Carbon Dioxide is not the problem. Game over, case closed.

However, if you're a UK resident and you want to blame someone when your granny freezes to death because of rolling power cuts over the next few years, you may feel tempted to pay the organisations below a visit and explain unto them the error of their ways.

Climate Rush
Plane Stupid
Campaign Against Climate Change

No rough stuff now, that's what they want. Might I suggest you take a good lawyer with you instead, and sue all their sorry asses to perdition. Arf. Now what a class(y) action that would make.

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