Thursday, 22 October 2009

The BNP - a modest proposal

I've been watching the news, shaking my head in abject disbelief over the idiocy surrounding the appearance of a minority politician on the BBC's question time. In the red corner, you have the totalitarian leftists(Don't take my word for it; read their manifesto), and in the other red corner, another bunch of totalitarian leftists. The only real political difference between them seems that the one set of totalitarian leftists doesn't think much of people whose skin just happens to be another colour (Work out for yourself which is which). All the aforementioned despite some pretty solid science strongly indicating that humans originated in the Rift valley of central Africa. Well, in a world where so many believe in global warming and astrology, I can't say that I'm all that surprised.

What both sets of totalitarian leftists seem to miss completely is the old adage; 'the truth will set you free'. By holding the belief systems of both sets of totalitarian leftists up to a free and frank debate, with no distracting slagging off of the other party, it can be proven that both parties politics are totalitarian. Totalitarianism is anti-freedom, therefore both sets of totalitarian leftists are as bad as one another. Apart from the racism (admitted or not), the only significant difference is in the tribalism of both sides. The logic, as they say, is inescapable.

Personally, I'd like to see both sets of totalitarian leftists put into Wembley stadium and walled in so they can have a decent punch up without interruption and let the rest of us mere mortals get on with our lives in peace. Perhaps we could do the same with all violent protesters. Coop 'em up, leave a pile of machetes and baseball bats in the middle of the pitch and let 'em fight it out; then machine gun the survivors. Well you can't let them get away with murder can you? Should please the Greenies too, as they're always bitching about the world having too many people.

Bingo! No more Fascism. The world's had quite enough of that last time round, thank you very much.

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