Wednesday, 7 October 2009

One for Delcatto

There is a Firefighters Catalina PBY flying boat based at our local airport. Tried to get a shot from the highway, but there's a shed and some trees in the way. The specific WW2 vintage Catalina PBY shown in the Google Earth shot (So I am told) is actually operational and used for fighting forest fires. The livery is yellow, not Orange as in the first photo.

Will post another pic when I get close enough to take a decent one.


delcatto said...

Cheers Bill. According to the Catalina Society there are still a number of the old planes flying.

Bill Sticker said...

According to the Catalina Societies list, our local one is CANSO-A variant C-FNJB 'Stored but complete'. I'll see if I know anyone who'll let me in closer for some better photo's. Watch this space.

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