Friday, 9 October 2009

Waste of taxpayers money

From an Englishman's Castle and Watts up with that. A waste of taxpayers money that even the pro AGW are branding the worst climate campaign ever. Fortunately the advert will be running during the commercial breaks in Coronation Street when everyone will have got up to put the kettle on and take a swift between-soap toilet break.

Personally, I think adverts like these are an insult to the intelligence. Especially since it's pissing taxpayers hard earned money up the wall. The empirical evidence is against the postulation of man made climate change, and this sort of thing reminds me of the most feculent animated offering where all the ickle fwuffy animals are all talking about how mankind wiped himself off the planet.

Stuff this, I'm getting the 4x4 out and going for a long drive, just as a form of existential protest. If I see anything remotely cute in the middle of the road I'm running the smug little sucker down. Har, har, har.

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