Friday, 2 October 2009


Sometimes you will see an article in the mainstream media which in the light of new knowledge is utterly ridiculous. Thus it is with this article about people being in 'Most people in denial over Climate Change'.
Clive Hamilton, Professor of public ethics at the Australian National University, said the majority of the population is still in denial about the risks of climate change.

Denial Professor? Really? The only people in Denial right at this point in time are those who refuse to re evaluate their hypotheses as new empirical evidence comes to light. The only 'real' evidence regarding runaway global climate change is from a small statistical sample of tree ring cores which have been completely discredited by a number of diligent climate reporters and investigators, not least Steve McIntyre, Ross McKittrick, and Anthony Watts.

The professor is also quoted as saying;
"There is a widespread belief in the scientific community that the public cannot handle the truth and so they have been pulling their punches."

Good Lord professor. Which 'scientific community' is this? Is it the section of the 'scientific community' that has a vested interest in continuing to try and pull the wool over peoples eyes? Is this the part of the 'scientific community' that only does statistical studies instead of proper fieldwork? Is this the part of the 'scientific community' that realises the lack of any empirical base to their assertions of runaway anthropogenic global climate change may mean their funding will dry up like spit on a hot stove if they are found out? No funding means no job. It's not in their best interest to 'pull punches'. It's in their best interest to ramp up the fear factor as much as they can. Not a week goes by without some part of the world being threatened with doom and destruction because of man made CO2 emissions. Yet despite every single prediction of this nature, any environmental damage attributed to man made CO2 emissions has been found to be due to other causes.

Let's pick a few favourites shall we?
Temperature rises
- No, the global temperature trend levelled off in 2002-2004 and is currently on a downward path. See this graph from UAH re the lower Trophosperic temperature trend.
Arctic ice decrease - Due to periodic shifts in wind patterns associated with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, now Arctic ice is on the increase.
Antarctic ice shelf collapses - More likely due to tidal stress as a weak point on the ice pack due to an increase in the weight of ice bearing on that point.
Glaciers retreating - Some are, some aren't. There is no observable global trend.
Coral reef bleaching - More due to local pollution, Crown of thorns Starfish infestations, and / or overfishing.

Incidentally, some coral bleaching events and ocean 'dead zones' have been linked with agricultural runoff attributed to 'green' biofuel production.

I could go on and on and on but I'm boring even myself. The jig is up for Anthropogenic Global Warming. Empirically so.

I would respectfully submit that the only people in 'Denial' are people who still believe that Man made Carbon Dioxide emissions have anything significant to do with shifts in climate, global or otherwise.

Now I've wasted enough keyboard time on this; my dog needs feeding and walking and I must resume work on a work of fiction that does not deny what it is.

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