Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Another one for the apocalypse sweepstake

Latest entry in the apocalypse sweepstake;

Climate change will raise the price of a loaf of bread to over CDN$10 (6.50GDP) by 2030 according to a report from the Fiends of the Earth.

Now this one has a high probability of coming true, although not for the CO2 related reasons outlined. There is another, albeit relatively unpublished view based on some rather more established scientific principles; that the Earth will be in a cooling trend until around 2040. Cooling will mean shorter growing seasons for crops in northern and southern latitudes which will push the price of basic commodities and staples up.

Apparently this cooling phase will occur because of a number of factors; variation in Earth's orbital tilt, minor changes in solar output and subsequent alterations in atmospheric circulation with an approximate 65-70(ish) year cycle. Add to that increased cloud formation due to cosmic rays (As pioneered by Charles Wilson in the early 1900's) during periods of lowered solar output as at present. If true, global temperatures will reduce to the levels of the 1970's by around 2040-50 before starting on an uptrend to peak around 2090. Historical correlation can be found by reading anecdotal news coverage from the 1920's and 30's when the global temperature last appeared to hit peak, and subsequent cooling until the 1970's when everyone was freaking out over new ice ages.

I won't be around to see that happen of course, but hopefully my great grandchildren will subsequently reap the benefits of a warmer phase for their descendants. Providing of course the Greenies don't screw it up for everyone by successfully lobbying for pointless Carbon Dioxide mitigation legislation. If they succeed, we in the western world will be sooo screwed.

In the meantime it's going to get rather chilly. Snow tyres on the van - yep. Thermal underwear - on order. Now where'd I put those ski's?

Addendum: Anyone miss the big asteroid explosion over Indonesia 8th October? Tsk. People are so busy with this CO2 nonsense that a real close encounter with a possible apocalypse completely misses the news. I mean, miss the real end of the world? Goodness me, that's social death my dears.

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