Monday, 5 October 2009

Talk amongst yourselves

Not much happening. Have tidied up the sidebar and stuck the old graphic link to my first book down the bottom. I'm just trialling the link to make sure it works with this template prior to sorting out the next MSS. Nothing to fuss about.

Our girls are still pretty pissed off with their Dad over the surprise African offspring package he sprung on them just over a month or so ago. Mrs S will be hightailing it over to the UK to spend Christmas with them, which will leave just me and the dog moving house to our new place, snow permitting. However, new house has bigger rooms, a better view of the water and islands beyond. Oh, and a solar heated pool, which will be really nice.

I'm having one of those 'watershed' moments at present. It feels as if some milestone has been passed, Rubicon crossed, that sort of thing and I'm not sure why. Work proceeds apace, I'm delivering some test graphic samples for a display tomorrow to see what they look like on a projection rig I've built. Nothing terribly groundbreaking, just some basic engineering stuff. In my workaday we'll be delivering another project to a client shortly. Nothing special, just sound basic stuff with plenty of safety margin built in. There might be a little basic java and DHTML coding to do to make sure it all works properly, but that's it.

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