Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Apocalypse update

24th November 2009 Large Hadron Collider restarts.
6th (5th) December 2009 Gordon Brown 'Fifty days to save the world'.
21st October 2011 (Begins Friday 21st May 2011, bring own sandwiches), Biblical.
21st December 2012 End of everything, Mayan (Ticket only. If wet, indoors).
Summer 2013 - ice free Arctic - Al Gore. (Snowsuit and snow shoes compulsory)
2014 - the whole world 'beyond repair' - World Wildlife Fund.
December 2017 - the whole world and everything all beyond repair - 100 months prediction.
Summer 2019 - ice free Arctic - Pen Hadow.
Late 2029 - loss of Great Barrier Reef - marine scientist Charlie Veron.

Eeny, meeny, miny, mo.

1 comment:

Old Holborn said...

Can't wait!

Christmas is cancelled if we don't give all our money to

Who says climate change is not the new religion....

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