Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Not long now

Forty eight, or is it forty nine days now to 'save the world'? According to Jonah Brown, British Prime Minister, that is. Some of us lead busy lives and want a little detail on this, please. How are we to fit the end of the world into our packed social schedules?

For example is it a lunchtime apocalypse? Could I get away with a leisurely late breakfast before said cataclysm? Is it an all day thing or just a "What's that glow on the horizon - whoops!" Is it one of those inconvenient midnight apocalypses? In which case I'd want to stay up late and lay in a bottle of decent plonk for the occasion. Some sort of schedule would be a help.

What is going on in No 10? Is the scenario like in 'Whoops Apocalypse' where the British Prime Minister thinks he is Superman, and misses Prime Ministers question time because Braniac is stuck in the Phantom Zone? If so, I'd hate to be one of the Downing Street animals, just in case they get thrown out of an upper floor window for their usual 'fly round the block'. Could that be what happened to Alistair Darlings poor moggy? I think we need to know.

I know Ex British Prime Minister John Major was often depicted in caricature wearing his underpants outside his trousers, but is Brown doing it for real?

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