Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A little bowdlerisation

Have become a little jaundiced of late (Well, more than usual) about the state of the world and the futility of trying to get through to some people. Am taking a little time off topic to focus on the things I like. In particular, this 1980's number;

And after a few minor liberties with the lyrics;

After light, before dawn,
Behind you another blogger is born,
Don't look back,
Ask for fees,
Feel the pressure as fingers hit keys,
Your mind dancing in the moonlight,
Write the words,
And you're fisking in the moonlight,
Thoughts are blurred,

And you will blog your mind,
Showing the world that you aren't blind,
It is yourself that you will find......

Pass on the flame....

(Next chorus, adapt as appropriate)

Just as an afterthought, I have a distinct memory of this Manfred Mann's Earth Band number being included in the soundtrack of one of the two Philadelphia Experiment Sci-Fi movies. Just can't remember which.

Ah yes; also reminds me of the anthemic 1970's "Davy's on the road again"

Yes...... and not forgetting this one;

I feel strangely better now.

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