Monday, 19 October 2009

Bad taste betting

Rather amused with all these predictions of doom and how the world will 'end' in name your time period. Bearing this in mind I would like to propose the ultimate betting experience; the 'end of the world' sweepstake. Winner takes all.

To enlarge; what is proposed is to compile a list of all those wonderful apocalyptic predictions of doom and disaster, and put them in a definitive time frame so that people can track whatever bets they make. It's all very well whatever public figure making said prediction, but who is keeping track of them all? I think we should be told. The end of the world is an important event which I'm sure none of us would ever want to miss. The social event of the millennium? How could you want to be left out?

Imagine the embarrassment, nay the humiliation, of being caught out the day after. Find your local supermarket out of special offers? Turn up at the checkout only to be told; "World ended yesterday, didn't you know?" See? you'd have missed the opportunity of their promotional 'end of days' final reductions, and how stupid would you feel then, eh?

Enough prevarication; to the list itself. Top of the current list, subject to amendment is the British Prime Minister, Jonah Brown, with 50 days; or is that forty nine now? He's eight time zones away. I do so wish these doomsayers would be a bit more specific. You have to plan for these things. How can you have a decent end of the world party when everyone else has booked all the best caterers?

Any old road up. Here we go with a small sample of more half baked prognostications;
21st October 2011 (Begins Friday 21st May 2011, bring own sandwiches), Biblical.
21st December 2012 End of everything, Mayan (Ticket only. If wet, indoors).
Summer 2013 - ice free Arctic - Al Gore. (Snowsuit and snow shoes compulsory)
2014 - the whole world 'beyond repair' - World Wildlife Fund.
December 2017 - the whole world and everything all beyond repair - 100 months prediction
Summer 2019 - ice free Arctic - Pen Hadow.
Late 2029 - loss of Great Barrier Reef - marine scientist Charlie Veron.

Many thanks to the Angry Exile for highlighting some of the above mentioned dates.

A list of biblical apocalypse (or should that be apocalypses, does it rate a plural?), past and to come, can be found here.

Please leave additional predictions in the comments. Although climate change is the main focus here, giant comets, messiahs and other stuff are allowable under sweepstake rules. The guiding principal is that the prediction has to be apocalyptic. Game on.

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