Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dear Mr Harper

FAO The Right Honourable Stephen Harper. Prime Minister, Canada.

Dear Mr Harper,

I am not yet a citizen of the great nation of Canada, though I hope to attain that status in the next few years, all things being well.

It is as an aspiring citizen that I would like to respectfully request of you the following; Please do not go to the Copenhagen 'climate' talks, or if you do, please do not sign the Copenhagen Treaty. It is my considered view that it is not in the best interests of Canada, or the rest of the world, to be signatories to such a document.

I could bore you with endless appeals about the economic insanity of handing over part of Canada's GDP to other countries who do not share the dreams and aspirations of many Canadian citizens. I could point to the issues of sovereignty surrounding paragraph 38 on page 18. I could reiterate the lack of empirical evidence regarding anthropogenic climate change, the flawed studies thoroughly debunked by Canadian scientists and statisticians, and the foolishness of relying upon incomplete computer models for information upon future weather.

Instead I would simply like to ask; for the benefit of all Canadians, aspiring or otherwise; the proposed Copenhagen climate treaty is a really bad idea. Please do not sign.

Respectfully yours

The Author.

1 comment:

Bill Sticker said...

Ahem. Somehow I don't think you are the real Stephen Harper.

The big giveaway:-
One legged bar stools?
Iraq victory statue?

I think not. Oh dear.

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