Friday, 16 October 2009


Delcatto wrote in the comments of my post about the way things are done with home education in British Columbia, and my little retrospective on how my life has moved on since my 'Walking the Streets' days;
"Good for you, making the decision to change your life and going for it."

First off; thanks Delcatto. I really appreciate that. As far as life in the UK was going, I'd sunk as low as I was willing to tolerate, and felt forced to play well below my talents and abilities.

Mrs S and I dreamed of doing our big 'leap of faith' back in 2001. We had (and still have) eyes in our heads and brains between our ears, and saw the direction the UK was taking. We have friends and family over this side of the water, and looked at how gosh darned big it is over here. 'Surely', went our thinking, 'there is room for one small family to dig in, contribute, lay down roots and grow' in relative comfort against the future economic storms yet to come.

The latest news on the immigration front is that our last piece of paperwork is in, and we now await the judgement and call for medicals etc. Although if Canadian Immigration refuse our permanent residency bid, I'm going to appeal on the grounds that we've both found day jobs in a pretty dire economic market, and have never, ever made any request for assistance (Apart from advice at our local immigration offices). Furthermore we have no intention of claiming any Provincial or Federal assistance unless it's tax relief on building our planned new home.

Under my real name, I've had work published in the mainstream press (Stuff you could have picked up in any reasonable UK newsagents); not enough to earn a living mark you, but enough to justify the claimed title of 'writer'. None of that output has made it's way online sad to say. On the other hand, perhaps that's just as well.

I shall continue to rant as 'Bill Sticker' for as long as there is stupid stuff in the world to rant about. As that state of affairs is sure to continue, humanity being what it is, 'Bill' will continue to post his half assed brain dumps online.

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