Saturday, 31 October 2009

Al, Baby - debate please

"Al baby" Did I hear Monckton actually say that or am I having aural hallucinations? ROFL. Still think the whole 'Global Governance' / Bilderberg / New World Order / whatever stuff is a bit far fetched, but I'm perfectly willing to accede that something is up, and it sure as all fired ain't the temperature.

Any old road up; time for NCIS. I much prefer their one Goth girl of all trades technician to any of the CSI lot, and David McCullum is terrific as Dr 'Ducky' Mallard. Pass the popcorn.


Henry Crun said...


The new season of NCIS started here a few weeks ago - it is a family favourite. Jury's still out on the new franchise NCIS: Los Angeles.

antikva said...

Hi Bill, thought you might be interested in this news story.

A SENIOR CSIRO environmental economist has gone public to accuse the science body of trying to gag his report attacking the Federal Government's climate change policies

The paper, by Clive Spash, criticises the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and argues that direct legislation or a tax on carbon is needed, The Australian newspaper reports.

Dr Spash also wrote that the economic theory underpinning emissions trading schemes was far removed from the reality of permit markets.

He said trading schemes were ineffective because of the difficulty of measuring emissions, and because placing a price on carbon affected all prices in the economy, with highly unpredictable consequences.

He claims the CSIRO had tried to block the publication of the report, despite it being internationally peer reviewed and accepted by the journal New Political Economy.

The CSIRO said it was an internal matter and was currently being reviewed.

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