Saturday, 24 October 2009

Apocalypse sweepstake; New addition

Hot off the press for Copenhagen from the UK Daily Telegraph ;
The 'Day After Tomorrow' map shows what the world will look like if temperatures rise beyond four degrees C (7 degrees F). It was produced by the Met Office, that predicts temperature rises may reach the dangerous tipping point by 2060 unless more is done to cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Full of crap of course. 'Produced by the Met Office' - Hah! That guarantees its accuracy doesn't it?

However, I am not going to be a complete naysayer; Gordon Brown, that great seer of all things ecological, has prophesied that Climate Change could cause more damage than two world wars. Spot on Gordo. Couldn't agree more. Absolutely in complete concurrence with one teensy minor near insignificant alteration; all the proposed climate change mitigation policies that politicians dream up to try and con the rest of us to vote for them will end up causing more damage than two world wars. Nice to see you getting one correct(ish) for once.

Meanwhile, the Swedish authorities have found a brand new renewable energy source. That's nice.


delcatto said...

Free cremations for your loved ones and reducing the use of fossil fuels, unless your elderly loved ones die beyond the age of 100...

Bill Sticker said...

Well that's me stuffed then; I come from two long lived families with several telegrams from the Queen (and previously the King) to our name(s).

Bill Sticker said...
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