Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Was visiting one of the local sports outfitters after work to cast a critical eye over their archery stuff. Came out of the store and a Floatplane came buzzing overhead at less than a hundred feet in a tight port turn over the car park. It disappeared over the other side of the highway, I presume to make a landing at Long Lake in the middle of town.

Wouldn't you just know it! I'd left my camera in the car and missed an absolutely superb opportunity. The third law of Sod paid me a brief but unwelcome visit. However, I console myself thus; If I'd spent any more time in the store I'd have missed the spectacle altogether.

There's something about floatplanes that really floats my boat. I'm readily amused by the thought of taking a trip in one and every time I hear the familiar burring of a piston engine, be it radial or otherwise, I just have to stop what I'm doing and look up. Flying generally is something I look forward to, but for some strange reason I like float planes most of all.

So I was really ticked off at missing such a gift of a photo opportunity. Bugger.


delcatto said...

Same here as I also like flying boats. My favourite: the PBY Catalina and it's my ambition to go up in one of them one day.

Bill Sticker said...

There's a Catalina flying boat being renovated at the local airport. That's typical of this part of Canada. Don't throw stuff away, if it ain't broke; fix it.

Bill Sticker said...

Oops. That should read;
Don't throw stuff away, if it ain't permanently broke; fix it

delcatto said...

Any chance of photos please?

wv= duckie. I kid you not!

Bill Sticker said...

Next time I'm passing the airport I'll snap some for you,

delcatto said...

Cheers Bill.

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