Monday, 19 October 2009

Pandemic strikes! Not.

So H1N1 variant swine flu isn't the big bogeyman we've been told? It's just a variant of your basic influenza virus that has been around since the late 1970's? No wonder the promised pandemic is failing to arrive. Well that's the considered opinion of the BMJ (British Medical Journal)

I was going to add Swine flu to the list of apocalypse sweepstake listings. No more. Bummer.

H/T Small Dead Animals


antikva said...

I'm just starting to get over it, my advice is drink lots and lots of water and stay horizontal. It turns to pneumonia very quickly as well, if you aren't careful. Just like the normal flu :D

and buy a lot if tissues, you'll need them.

Bill Sticker said...

Antikva, any disease that causes excess catarrh, coughing and sneezing should be endured sitting up to assist respiration. Lots of fluids, and something to keep your temperature down (Aspirin, paracetamol etc.)

If you read the reports you'd see A/H1N1 is one of the strains of 'normal' flu. Only those under 30 haven't built up sufficient immunities from repeated doses of influenza, that's why it mainly hits people in their teens and 20's. Us crustier types have had a variant before and have thus more developed immunity to said virus.

antikva said...

Exactly! I think it's the overuse of anti bacterial everything that creates more problems than it helps with immune systems. I'm more worried about Hendra Virus given it's morphing ability :( and idiots in charge of control.

By horizontal, I meant stay in bed & keep warm, not this soldier on crap that is currently so popular and make it worse. Of course, as you said propped in an upward position with pillows. and a good book. and more tissues.

I liked the release that was put out at one point by WHO that the media & therefore the general publics definition/perception of pandemic was different to theirs *grin* and noone should panic... after everyone had already run around shouting the sky was falling.

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