Thursday, 29 October 2009

I concur...

Devils kitchen has a thoughtful rant which just about shoots the whole 'Carbon Dioxide is causing the heat death of the world' malarkey down in flames. He draws his source via PaAnnoyed's excellent writing at Counting cats, which simplifies the science to a laymans level.

Essentially, the 'greenhouse effect' we keep hearing about in the media is a gross misnomer and cannot occur for the following simple reason; greenhouses heat up because the glass stops convection, not radiation. This was empirically proven by R W Woods in 1909. The rest of the posts are a broad explanation of atmospheric physics as we currently understand them.

CO2 cannot act as a significant climate modifier, even if concentrations triple for the very simple reason that convection in the atmosphere would rapidly negate any such heating effect. Put even more simply; try the following experiment. Enter your greenhouse and open the roof vents and leave the door open. The temperature will drop rapidly, no matter the concentration of gases, because heated gas / fluid becomes less dense and rises because in becoming less dense it becomes lighter. Cooler air will flow in through the open door and displace the warmer air that rises from the open vents.

For carbon dioxide to act as a greenhouse multiplier, it would have to form an atmospheric layer transparent to radiation and resistant to convection, which it does not. It is a gas; all gases / fluids are subject to convection. This is an incontrovertible piece of basic physics. Carbon Dioxide would have to have the physical properties of a solid transparent sheet in order to prevent radiation / convection losses.

My major beef is, and always has been, why have so many people been taken in by the whole fiction? Why have so many politicians been hoodwinked (or even hoodwinked themselves) and imposed unnecessary taxation in times of economic hardship. When I finally get a vote over here, I will be actively campaigning for the immediate removal of any and all 'carbon' taxation.

If you can't understand that level of simplification, well I'm sorry, you're doomed and might as well leap off a high cliff anyway. You must understand however, that as I do not share your belief system, I will not be joining you as you plunge to your doom.


Anonymous said...

Bill, there's also the Second Law of Thermodynamics which proves that the greenhouse effect is a complete myth and cannot be present in a planetary system.

Bill Sticker said...

Henry, I know. Yet since when has that (or any other) simple scientific truth made any dent in the density of the eco-loons? Their grasp of basic physics appears minimal to say the least.

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