Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Edible pets?

Came across this little article at wattsupwithat and thought; "These horrible people are seriously out of their tree."

The whole scheme is utter insanity for one simple reason. Pets are not livestock, and livestock are not pets. Ever tried taking a chicken for a walk? House training a cow, turkey, rabbit or goose? What about the slaughtering? "I'm sorry kids, we have to eat and it's Flossy for the chop after walkies." Simply to reduce your mythical 'carbon footprint'? The emotional fallout would be in the megaton range.

My second thought was; "Did they obtain public funds while writing this book?" If so, off with their funding. Truncate their tenure. Let these silly people go and find useful work that truly benefits the environment. Cleaning toilets perhaps?

As for the mythical 'carbon footprints'; reduce the number of people on the planet is the usual answer such Malthusian monsters trot out. Well all I have to say on this topic is "No, no old fruit. After you. Please, I insist."

There used to be a highly effective European facility for this very purpose. Hmm, now what was it called? Oh yes - Auchwitz. Is that what the Greenies really want to resurrect?

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