Friday, 16 October 2009

Not with a bang...

Okay, well the good news is that this climate change malarkey appears to be dying a slow but inexorable death. Today one 'Eco-tourism' company was dropping their carbon offsetting option. Elsewhere, the tide of 'it's all AGW' stories in the mainstream seems to be past high ebb and is receding, leaving fanatical eco-mentalists gasping on the media beach. Even Greenpeace appears to be putting up it's hands and saying Carbon Offsetting doesn't work. Friends of the Earth have also been critical of Carbon Offsets and appear to have woken up to the ugly truth about 'biofuels'.

Well boys and girls I don't want to sound smug about this, but those of us of a sceptical bent did try and tell you so. We told you 'the physics are wrong', and got compared with holocaust 'deniers' for our troubles. We pointed at real threats to the environment like overfishing and pollution. No, no, it was all the fault of carbon dioxide you said and indulged in even more name calling. We pointed to empirical evidence of continuous non-anthropogenic climate change and kept on getting 'peer review is proof' thrown back in our faces. Hockey sticks have been broken, disastrous economic policies are being instituted, yet despite all the evidence against, certain of you still insist that it's all CO2.

Writing as a 'climate change sceptic', I am willing to pardon those excesses. Like a loving parent forgives a wayward child who realises they were wrong and wants to come home.

I would address the following remarks to even the most fanatical proponent of the Anthropogenic climate changers amongst you; come in from the burgeoning cold, admit your erroneous ways and all will be forgiven. There are real problems in this world that need your urgent attention. Illegal toxic dumping, proper mass recycling of waste, overfishing, deforestation without subsequent replanting.

Think about how engineering can improve the world and provide mankind with sufficient energy whilst cleansing the air and water. Forget your Malthusian fantasies; do the simple stuff like lobbying for new and more efficient sewage treatment works, for better, faster transport and communication systems. For research so more people can live better lives. Build and improve, not wantonly destroy. Forget about the global warming nonsense, and together we can make this world a better place for future generations.

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