Thursday, 30 September 2010

Taking the fight to the enemy part 2

Originally this post was supposed to be a script treatise on the plight of a Western Australian family. Unfortunately I got stuck. The sticking point was defined by this question; Okay, I'm talking about taking the fight to the enemy, but who exactly are the 'enemy'?

This evening my question was answered; the enemy is the person so opposed to your way of life that they want you dead. The frothing Jihadi's that think killing innocent people randomly will advance their cause. The man who plots murder against his neighbours because their fence is six inches too high for his liking. The crazy cat lover who puts razor blades in bits of steak and throws them over the hedge because next doors dog barks a little too much during the day. The people who ram airliners into buildings full of civilians in peacetime because they think God wants them to (He doesn't). The gloriously, wonderfully, arse-bitingly crazy people who hate the world because the world doesn't do exactly what they tell it to, right this minute.

The ones who want all voices but theirs silenced by the oblivion of eternity.

Like anyone associated with the making of this video. In it's own way classic fantasy murder porn. Singularly round so many twists it's spinning like an electric drill.

The problem is that the crazy people who think it's okay to murder people over a difference of opinion about what changes the climate look just like you and me. This is why they must be engaged by truth, defeated by empiricism and held up to public opprobrium. Thereafter they should be publicly ignored, boycotted and snubbed. That is a far more apposite end than the death they wish upon those they label 'Skeptics' and 'Deniers'.

H/T These posts at The Angry Exile and Wattsupwiththat.

The 'enemy' I sought to define. The haters of humanity. Quod erat demonstrandum.

Update: Since the script was written by Richard Curtis, the film is supposedly 'funny'. Yeah, the kind of funny that thinks tying firecrackers to kittens and puppies is 'funny'. It's the cackling jollity of crazed old women found knitting in front of guillotines during the French Revolutions 'Terror'. The cretinous laughter of those who have no moral braking mechanism in their psyche.

In a way it's a superb own goal because it shows the eco-whacko's in their true light. The bunny huggers who turn out to be 'bunny boilers'.

The thing it, this movie was apparently meant to be shown in schools. Errr.... say that again? In schools? You're shittin' me - right? WTF? Hell, I'm all for freedom of expression, but sick propaganda in the classroom? No. Surely not.

No doubt the parodies will shortly be hitting Youtube.


Angry Exile said...

Yep, there's misanthropy of the kind that makes someone go, 'Why can't they all just bugger off and leave me alone?' And then there's the kind of misanthropy that thinks the lives of others have no value and the world is better off without them if they don't live according to the same values.

Bill Sticker said...

The misanthropy of Robespierre is theirs. Which contains the virus of its own destruction.

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