Wednesday, 1 September 2010

That's pretty mean....

When you're trapped underground by a rockfall, rescue is days, maybe even weeks away, and you ask for something to keep you going psychologically as well as food supplies. Then some prick says "It's bad for you. No."

If I was NASA's deputy chief Doctor I would not want to be there when the trapped Chilean miners are finally released from their ordeal. The phrase "Guess who just lost the popularity contest" wouldn't be half of it, especially to someone they would see as a busybody Norteamericano.

Update: At least one of the trapped Chilean Miners has more problems than being stuck underground. Oh dear.

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Angry Exile said...

What the fuck's it got to do with the NASA doctor? I'm sure he's right and I thought lighting things in mines wasn't a good idea anyway, but they're down there and he isn't. It reminds me of that bit in Apollo 13 where they're all fed up with the obsessive doctor checking every heartbeat and breath from mission control and take off the sensors. I pity these poor sods that they can't do anything similar and that their decision to risk a smoke and some grog has been overruled by some prick who has no idea what they're going through.

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