Sunday, 26 September 2010


Belatedly dropped by at Wattsupwiththat to see the following guest essay on why glaciers have been growing and retreating over the last couple of hundred years. The author has noted an interesting correlation with Sea Surface Temperatures that has me wondering about moving further South. My current domicile is on the same latitude as the Island of Jersey, and it's pretty chilly compared with the same time last year. Overall, it's definitely been cooler than usual.

Over at the Devils Kitchen Knife the conversation has also turned to cooling, but for different reasons. They are watching the Bilderberg group. Me, I'm watching the cycles, because when it comes to climate prediction, they're the only things worth peddling.

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Angry Exile said...

My earliest memories about climate guff is my dad shitting bricks over the coming global cooling and whether he and mum had brought two children into the world just in time for it to end. What comes around goes around.

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