Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Northern lights over Katla

Had a peek at the Katla Webcam and was a trifle startled to see a ghostly grey spike in the darkness. Thinking I was first to see an eruption, I tried a screengrab which only returned a blank rectangle. Then I took a mental deep breath and had a second, far longer look at the dancing ghostly images.

It was the good old Aurora Borealis. The northern lights. To think I almost let the rice for this evenings supper burn for this. I feel rather foolish.

I think this calls for a song.

Hi ho.


Anonymous said...

I was there when this event happened... one of the many extraordinary things we saw on our trip over there.

Looks better on photograph than with the naked eye, though... The camera is a lot more sensitive
You can find one of the photographs I made here:

We are back since Monday, and till feel "homesick"... Iceland tends to stick on me...

Bill Sticker said...


Superb shot. On the Webcam it was dancing granules of grey. Must have been pretty spectacular first hand.

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