Saturday, 25 September 2010

Variations on a breakfast

As someone who was brought up on a hearty diet of a bacon / sausage sandwich and mug of tea to kickstart the day, of late I've begun to experiment in an up marketish sort of way. Whilst the current English fashion appear to be a 'Healthy' BLT, which comprises of Bacon lettuce and tomato, I pride myself on being a traditionalist. FYI; The ingredients of a 'healthy' BLT are (Allegedly); two anaemic slivers of bacon with all the fun extracted, a thick slice of nondescript GM tomato, and a third of an taste free iceberg lettuce between two crumbly slices of toothbreaking 'wholegrain' bread which has all the detritus from the threshing floor thrown in.

Personally I eschew the 'traditional' (No such thing, it's pseudo-vegetarian propaganda) BLT and have altered the traditional formula for a bacon / sausage butty. To wit; A generous doorstep slice of toasted Focaccia liberally sprinkled with chilli flavoured extra virgin olive oil, a portion of Garlic Sausage, a small wedge of cheddar washed down with a mug of freshly made ground coffee (Not 'instant' - the horror, oh the horror). As a gesture to my wife's insistence, I also partook of a small bowl of oatmeal.

This meal enables me to get through the day with no more sustenance than a modest coffee and a cookie at lunchtime before a light evenings repast from which such items as chips and pasta are noticeable by their absence. In deference to the heavy influence of the Sinosphere in this locale, we do partake of quite a few stir fry dishes. I like it.

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