Thursday, 9 September 2010

Does this surprise me..........? Not really

Revelations about the currently popular Blair biography, although God alone knows why it's so bloody popular; the man was a fucking disaster as Prime Minister. For proof, see current state of UK. Most of the damage was done during Blairs tenure as PM. Brown was even worse, although in his partial defence most of the groundwork had been laid by Blair. Economy going tits up, uncontrolled immigration, Social budget overspend like a runaway train, defence over committed and in tatters, speed cameras up and down the land, and that was only the stuff I saw before I left the UK in 2007.

Now in a sudden revelation of plagiaristic revisionism, we learn that bits of his so-called autobiography are pinched from a movie? Well this explains a lot. Blair might not have been lying to the UK public after all, he was possibly so in love with his own image that he truly believed he was doing a first rate job. If true this makes him a Billy Liar of a man, a fantasist who makes Baron Munchausen look like a pillar of veracity.

Yet am I really surprised? Not really, no. The shame of it is that so many were taken in by his glamour.

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