Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Publish my agenda - or the hostages get it!

A Police marksman despatched a hostage taker who invaded his ex employers premises and threatened to kill three employees unless the Discovery Channel changed their editorial policy to 'Save the planet'. Video here. (Links fixed)

Funny that. Since 2004, Discovery channel was one I stopped watching because of all the 'Green', 'Save the planet' Disneyfied kitsch they stuck into every natural history programme. It got nauseating. How many times can you sit through stuff you can see is factually warped to an agenda without turning it off or blowing a blood vessel? Especially when repeated twice a day.

What the hell, a Neo-Malthusian (Humanity is killing Gaia, all humans must die) suffers the fate he was wishing the rest of humanity. No great loss there. I know it's heartless, but so was threatening to splash his ex co-workers blood all over the carpet to 'save the planet'. Maybe all those others who so blandly spew the self same poisonous doctrine could do the rest of us mere mortals a favour and do a Jonestown. At least the planet would then be safe from them.

Sorry about the original link; getting careless in my frail (Hah!) dotage.


Angry Exile said...

Your top link goes to a page that isn't here. As for the story, didn't Hitler or one of his mob say that the way to get people to buy lies is to repeat them so often they feel like the truth to them? Something like that, anyway. Look at what that bastard got people to do by telling them (and probably himself) the same lies often enough. Naturally we're seeing the same effects now. This was a fairly extreme and disorganised act of eco-terrorism but for some years now similar twats have been driving big nails into trees in the hope of it catching a chainsaw blade and injuring loggers.

Bill Sticker said...

All fixed and video of the event added. Sorry about that. Curse this Alzheimers!

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