Monday, 6 September 2010

Those naughty bloggers

Over the weekend the UK lamestream has been taking prose pot shots at the blogosphere. Apparently bloggers are very naughty and should be spanked and sent to bed without any supper. So says Rod Liddle, hiding behind a paywall in the Times about Guido Fawkes over the Hague affair. Don't ask for a link as An Englishmans Castle and Longrider amongst others have done an able job of fisking Liddles tiresome diatribe, and the follow on in the Incontinent.

It seems the Lamestream mostly don't like bloggers because they don't like the competition. They don't like their purple prose picked over by a bunch of bloody upstart amateurs to be shown up as inaccurate, counter factual op-eds. They certainly don't like being beaten to the punch by people who are oftentimes closer to the source than 'professional' Journalists could ever be. Yet certain Journalists write some highly entertaining blogs. Those who don't / can't / won't might be considered to be on an extinction shortlist. There is no way round the fact that modern media is diversifying, splitting and spawning new mini entities by the day. Those who don't evolve, well, what can I say; Byee

The Times in particular is no friend to the 'Army of Davids' as the blogosphere's patron saint Glenn Reynolds once described those who embrace the new media. In particular the 'Thunderer', ironically once a leader in new media, has a history of 'Outing' bloggers who use pseudonyms to mask their everyday. Why? No one is really sure, but I'm sure sour grapes come into it somewhere. Maybe it's all some kind of rearguard action on their part. Perhaps like some Jurassic Apatosaurus they look disdainfully down from their high necks at all these new fangled little mammals dashing all over and vouchsafe; "They'll never catch on."

Time will tell.

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