Friday, 1 October 2010

Taking the fight to the enemy part 3

Sometimes, as with the current furore over the 10:10 'homicide bomb' video you have to take the opportunity of striking at the very vitals of the enemy. To this end, I spent a couple of hours writing sober, polite and carefully structured letters to my UK MP, MEP, and as many County and district Councillors as I could find e-mail addresses for. Here is a very good starting point for ex-pats like me.

The gist of my letters content was very simple; That I personally was concerned that such content was being shown to children's science classes, where it obviously had no business. Furthermore, I remarked, perhaps it was time for the various 'climate' bodies who gave money for this kind of unchallenged propaganda to have their public funding suspended until various enquiries had been held and properly concluded. Knowing Government enquiries, that could take a long, long time. (Evil snigger)

Am also writing similar gentle letters of complaint to the various commercial sponsors of 10:10 asking them politely to rethink their funding of such bodies. The letters are being written in a very matter of fact manner, indicating that unless the sponsor in question cuts the eco-graft off at source, they will lose customers.

Golden opportunity. Watching the evil sods squirm has been absolutely precious. You'd need a heart of stone not to laugh. At least that is funny. Unlike the video. These are 'Green jobs' we can do without.

Perhaps my other reader would care to follow my example.

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Angry Exile said...

Good find. I'll rattle something off over the weekend.

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