Friday, 3 September 2010

No Tsunami today

Just saw the reports of a big Earthquake near Christchurch, New Zealand. Pleased to say that there is no Tsunami alert. There was another biggie down in Chile recently, an 8.8 no less, yet we haven't heard much about that in the mainstream. Neither is an alert issued for the latest 6.5 in the Aleutians.

Reports from Christchurch indicate widespread damage, but hopefully not that may casualties. How fragile we surely are.

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Angry Exile said...

The last time there was a quake over the ditch the tsunami alert panic button was pushed here. I'm not sure how the wave was expected to manoeuvre through the Bass Strait with all the islands and promontories before hanging a very hard right to squeeze through the heads and into Port Phillip Bay so it could threaten Melbourne, but clearly someone thought it might. It was downgraded to 'practically no risk whatsoever' well before it actually arrived, which if I remember consisted on the Bass side of a brief and barely measurable rise that nobody would have noticed if they weren't watching for something.

Just as well they didn't go over cautious this time because what we really have had is state wide - actually more than state wide as eastern SA and southern NSW copped it too - wind storms and heavy rain, flash flooding, landslides, risk of a dam breach in SA, almost certainly a bunch of trees down, people needing rescuing etc. And although this morning is fairly calm the forecast is for more of the same to come over the next few days. So much for it being spring. Of course, given normal standards of weather forecasting it might be turn out gorgeous.

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