Thursday, 30 September 2010

Expecting snow and other matters

Local folklore is for snow this Winter from November onwards. People who've lived on this part of the Island for ten or more years are saying we'll catch our first big snowfall in Mid November, which will hang around for two weeks, followed by three or four intermediate to moderate falls right through to February. This is a lot of snow for the Island.

This year Mrs S and I are a bit better organised than the first BC Winter we encountered. Log store full. All weather tyres on van and truck. Alternative electrical lighting sources. Might invest in some sort of power storage unit like this one, just in case. Not that we'll freeze, with our Moloch of a Wood burning stove in the front room.

BC Hydro were pretty assiduous with their tree trimming programme last year, which stopped all those pesky pines leaning on the power lines, although we did get three power outages from January through to April. The longest was nine hours, which wasn't enough to seriously inconvenience us.

Am feeling a little down at present as I'm due to visit the UK from midweek onwards for 2-3 weeks. This will mean highly sporadic posting. I am not looking forward to the trip, as I will be confronted by close family members saying wonderfully encouraging things to my face as they are wont to do (Not). The highlight of the trip is liable to be the moment we clear Vancouver airport customs upon our return. I may even kiss the concrete outside the terminal door.

Will be taking camera just to record and post anything worthy of note. I'm feeling a Marvin episode coming on already. Hi ho.

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