Monday, 27 September 2010

2035. A prediction

Okay. We've had all the hype about warming. Which has turned out not to be true.

Now I may actually live to see 2035 and the results of this prediction, barring accidents.

In 2035, I predict a cooler planet. Not by much. Half a degree or so overall, perhaps a vague smidgeon of a tad cooler. Some places mainly colder, others not. No 'runaway warming'. Enough ice to supply billions of cocktails and ice buckets. Winter sports will be big. Polar bears thriving and seen in more southerly locations in Alaska and BC. Arctic ice cap larger than at present. Mankind will still be here, as will most of the species we know, and quite a few others we've hitherto overlooked. Some species will be found after being declared 'extinct'. There will be the odd inconvenience from periodic volcanic eruptions. Some glaciers may be a little bigger. There will be the occasional large storm. Heavy warm clothing will be high fashion.

Oceans will not have turned into acid.

A giant meteorite will not have wiped out life on Earth.

Coral reefs will be doing well in some places, but suffering from pollution and occasional plagues of 'Crown of Thorns' starfish in others.

We will still have stupid people running around claiming the world is about to end.

None of the doom and gloom predictions of the neo-malthusians will have come true. As none of them have come true since the 1970's. Their predictions have been so far wrong it must be truly embarrassing.

If in 2035 I'm wrong you can call me a fool, but not for the next twenty five years.

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Angry Exile said...

"We will still have stupid people running around claiming the world is about to end."

On that point alone I am very confident that you will not turn out to be a fool.

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