Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Katla latest

I'm no expert on Volcanoes, simply an interested observer with an agenda of not getting stuck in any airports during a forthcoming transatlantic trip, but from the little knowledge I have, the tremors registered near Katla in Iceland recently may, and I say this guardedly, may have some significance. The tremors registered on the graphic screengrabbed and annotated by me from the Icelandic Met Offices web site, specifically A, B, & C within the last 24-36 hours have shallowed from recent activity 10+km under the earth to less than 100 metres down in less than thirty days in a fashion rather like an old fashioned coffee percolator.

With no other available information, what this means is debatable; and if a real expert on volcanoes can explain what's going on in terms of magma flows within the Katla vent system, I'll be more than happy to listen. So, I suspect, will a great many others. In the meantime I will be watching and reporting upon events in that area as they come to my attention.

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Jamie said...

Hi Bill, I share your interest on Katla and have been checking the activity on a daily basis.
Like you I am no expert but we have just (7-Jan-2010) had 38 tremors in the last 48hrs. This is the most activity I have ever seen. As a non expert it looks like Katla is starting to waken, let's hope she is in a good mood !

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