Thursday, 23 September 2010

Of course it all looks better in real life

A comment on my last post by my Australian comrade in words the Angry Exile reminded me of a couple of shots I took from our deck on Tuesday evening. Both were taken with a pretty bog standard compact digital Camera, and have only been cropped, labelled and resized with no further photoshopping. I mean who do you think I am, the NCDC?

Optical Zoom on the first image was about 2.1 in 'Auto' mode, and the second, of the Moon / Jupiter conjunction was taken with the optical zoom in 'Night / Tripod' mode at x3. Both photo's were taken with the camera mounted on a tripod from eight feet in front of my kitchen window at around 7:30 and 10pm respectively Pacific Standard time. No tricks, no unpleasant bending, just being in a superb location.

Pity about the overexposure of the moon on the conjunction shot, but it was either that or lose Jupiter. Would have gotten some better pictures, but it clouded over last night, and it's been tipping it down this evening. Yet a camera can never quite do my view the justice it deserves. It's one of those things that are so much nicer in real life.

BTW: Mt Baker is in the USA, a shade under 94 miles away as the crow would fly, if it had the energy.

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