Thursday, 30 September 2010

Playing with layout

Am currently playing with the layout of this blog, adding pages so that the main thread of my febrile ranting remains relatively untrammelled. Other threads on other pages will appear as tabs on the main page.

'Taking the fight' posts, as they are so specialised, will be getting their own page under 'Advice and Guidance'. These posts will comprise some suggestions for those irritated by unfair implementation of laws, and some suggested points in 'fighting your corner'. These will cover some of the dark arts of spin and propaganda, suggested courses of action when faced by seeming insuperable obstacles. Nothing illegal or actionable, simply supporting the rights of the individual against the machine.

May consign the posts on Icelandic Volcanoes to their own page. Then again,this is very much work in progress. Posts on Canadiana and local weather will probably follow. Widgets and gadgets for same will migrate along with subject matter. News on a couple of light hearted treatise projects on family life like 'Stepdad' will be added. Stuff drawn from my own experience as a new Canadian Migrant. All that jazz. The problem is, there's so many different things it's hard to maintain a focus. Will try to do more amusing / trademark sarcasm stuff on the main thread.

Why do I get the feeling that I'm biting off more than I can chew? Oh what the hell, Bill. Just get on with it, eh?

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