Sunday, 19 September 2010

A new one on me

Just finished supper before sundown this evening and saw this sight. Now the rainbow in itself isn't remarkable. What has me scratching my head a little is the 'ray' effect from due East over Vancouver. I think it's something to do with the rainbow because the rays centre was exactly in the middle of the bow had it been projected. Don't know what the proper name for this effect is, and if any passing astronomy buff knows what it is, I'd like to know. It's just that I've never seen this before.

Whatever it is, it's gorgeous.

BTW: The only photoshopping of this image was a crop and resize prior to upload. No rainbows were harmed in the making of this jpeg.


Catherine Lee, Dock Systems said...

Yeah, I see the rays too but I don't think the rainbow has something to do with it.

Bill Sticker said...

Odd that. Rainbow arch and radial rays had a coincident focal point due east. As for the 'rays', could that optical effect have been caused by the setting sun directly behind me?

I know it doesn't show up too well in the picture, but I just couldn't get the whole arch in.

Angry Exile said...

Crepuscular rays, though sometimes known as 'God Rays' to movie types. At least I'd guess so because I've heard the term used for the effect (special or natural) on a DVD commentary or two.

Bill Sticker said...

Got it AE. What I actually saw was Anticrepuscular rays.

The longer I live in BC, the more pleasantly surprised I become.

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