Thursday, 9 September 2010

Katla tremors

Take your eye off the ball for five minutes and see what happens? Possible swarm type activity on the western side of the Katla Caldera in Iceland. What may be significant is not the amount of tremors, but the relatively shallow depth of their epicentres. A kilometre is apparently considered fairly shallow, and a possible harbinger of eruption. However, seeing as there were a few grumbles then nothing more, it may mean magma was draining rather than filling, which means no eruption. On the other hand; without data on uplift of the ground, or the nascence of a lava dome, there is not much information to go on. Could be something, could be nothing. It's so hard to tell.

As I've probably mentioned before, Mrs S and I are flying to the UK in a few weeks, so I'm keeping a weather eye on any possible disruption to our itinerary.

Update: All the grumbles have died away for the present. Will await future developments.


Anonymous said...

There was 3.0 magnitude earthquake just. It has not been usual size for a long time I think?
I know that its dont mean nothing necessarily but I watch regularly this page:
Its interesting. :D

Bill Sticker said...

Check latest post for updates. A small area northeast of Langjokull looks busy right now (See icelandic met office site). Four 3.0 plus tremors and one 4.0.

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