Sunday, 26 September 2010

A little wet weather

The rainstorms that hit the Island last night don't seem to have done much damage, although in the far north, the poor buggers up at Port Hardy seem to have had a time of it. Mudslides, power outages and all the inconveniences, but no one seems to be doing the drama queen like; OMG! It's raining! The Government should do something!

Well actually they did. People cut off at pulp mill without power; evacuated by boat. 100 others helicoptered out to a reception centre at Alert Bay. The spokesman for the rescue effort? An RCMP Sergeant. That's right, a Sergeant. Not an Inspector, a Commissioner or other high ranking panjandrum, but one of the guys who actually got his hands dirty. We haven't even had a visit from the Prime Minister, or even the Provincial Premier. That's how casually these things are treated over here. What the hey, it's the Island, as the saying goes locally.

The recent rains have been quite good for the local lawns, and everybody's yard is a spring like green. It's actually quite easy on the eyes. When the sun peeks through the clouds of course. Can get a bit loud on the roof sometimes, which has our mutt snuggling into his box with his paws over his ears, but no drama. I've got a fire laid in the log burner just in case, but no fuss.

Anyway, the coffee is brewed, and I am about to help myself to a mug of restorative on this damp and chilly morning.

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