Saturday, 17 April 2010


The above screenshot was taken off the Radarvirtuel website which tracks aircraft all over the world by their transponders, rather like the currently overloaded flightradar24 site. Three aircraft flying in the whole region. Wow.

Well the AGW folks must be just dancing with joy to see the air traffic over most of Europe shut down. Well, at least not those of their number flying business class to conferences in Cancun, Bali or wherever on jollys to discuss a non-critical (and some would say non-existent)'problem'. Of course my strong suspicion is that they're in the pockets of a well heeled lobby with Carbon Credits to push or taxes to force on an increasingly sceptical public, so who cares, eh? The offending lobby have even been claiming that tiny rises in temperature caused the Icelandic volcanic eruptions. A claim which I'm sure has many Geophysicists either laughing themselves silly or picking their jaws up off the floor at the crassness of such an assertion.

Flight restrictions are due to continue into Sunday until 1pm GMT, and the latest from Iceland is that the offending volcano is still going strong.

The upside is that many are commenting upon how quiet it is without all those pesky hairyplanes bimbling noisily overhead. The downside is the delays to air freight, air mail, and all those wonderful conveniences of modern life which get delivered in the hold of a 747 or similar. Have asked family and friends to keep an eye on the situation and take some elementary precautions.

Glad I don't own any airline shares.

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Piers Corbyn said...

Herewith more on our long range forecast of Volcano impacts on European airspace.

Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction long range Weather, Climate & solar impact forecasters warns their long range European wind maps & predictions of likely solar effects on Iceland volcano spell ongoing trouble for airspace

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