Thursday, 22 April 2010

Can we straighten this out please?

Saw the following quote on CBC.
war of words between scientists and climate change skeptics
Right. Lets get this absolutely clear. Not all those on the Man Made Climate Change side of the slanging match are 'scientists'. Most appear to be activists, politicians, and business concerns with a lot to gain from this 'Carbon trading' malarkey. On the sceptical side of the argument are quite a number of properly qualified climate scientists, many of whom only speak out when they don't have to worry about activists in their establishment hierarchies cutting off their funding. The lamestream media also seem to have a very strange idea of who is a 'proper' climate scientist, and have been known to simply cut and paste press releases from 'grey' or pseudo research just to get a headline.

To be succinct; not all pro AGW voices are proper climate scientists, and there are a significant number of proper climate scientists who are sceptical of AGW. Is that clear enough? Sheesh.

Oh yes, and this isn't a 'crusade against science'; it's a crusade for the scientific method which some researchers seem to have conveniently forgotten. You know, the bits about sharing data, finding proofs and letting other researchers verify them? Anything else isn't 'science' at all.

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Phil B said...

But ... but 2500 "scientists" (i.e. everyone that works for the IPCC including their nice Rajendra K. Pachauri who is a railway engineer plus presumably secretaries, cleaners and canteen staff) can't be wrong, surely??

Here is a link to a site where 31,486 scientists state that the IPCC is "mistaken" to say the least.

Interesting to examine the qualifications of the signatories ... not a single railway engineer in the lot.

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