Sunday, 4 April 2010

Election date UK

Well the UK is definitely having an election on the 6th of May. Confirmed. A little tweety bird just told me that temporary electoral workers have been asked to keep this day free. No other dates have been mentioned.

If the British electorate returns yet another Labour government, I will know for certain that all my ex-countrymen are suffering from a collective insanity not seen since the last time. The Tories may be a bit sleazy, but at least they don't pick your pocket and call it 'a future fair for all'.

Muffled guffaw.


The Filthy Engineer said...

If labour win? Is there any room left in Vancouver for me?

Bill Sticker said...

Always room for people with skills and money. Smoking ban is just as bad as the UK though, although without quite such a heavy hand as the UK.

The downside is that there's one heck of a waiting list.

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