Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Just a thought

What with all this row over the Vatican denial, and other people making accusations of child molestation by some Catholic priests. I thought I'd make my own, brief observation; it's nothing new. Been going on for centuries.

How do I know? Weeell over twenty years ago I was researching a Novel length project about a little known Anglo Saxon hero purported to have lived in the early to mid tenth century. Wrote about 50,000 words on my old Imperial Safari (Just before buying my first 'pooter) in the early eighties before the project ran out of steam. One of the little snippets I came across whilst doing research was reference to a law passed by Athelstan, Grandson of Alfred and 'First King of all the Angles' forbidding a child and priest to be alone with each other without a third party (Parent or guardian) present.

Interesting what you dredge up, isn't it?

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