Sunday, 18 April 2010

Getting home

I've been checking my visitor stats, such as they are, and noted a number of visitors from Tampa, Florida. If you guys are looking for a way home or into Northern Europe in a tearing hurry I have a suggestion.

Current status indicates that transatlantic flights into Madrid, Spain may still be operating. Also, there is a highly efficient, fast and comfortable TGV service from Madrid into France, and from there all points North and East. I've used this train myself on a trip from Cordoba to Paris, and from Paris into London via Eurotunnel. It's clean, quiet and fast. So if you're really, really, really, (Why?) desperate to get back to the UK or Northern Europe and don't mind the extended cost and journey time, there's your way home. Miami to Madrid; Madrid to London, and don't forget to book your seat. A simple ticket purchase isn't enough.

Give the respective airlines a phone call and check the current status of flights to Spain. Don't just rush down there and hope for the best. The bright side is you even get to miss Heathrow or Gatwick (Awful places). Good luck.

For those who want to get home to the UK and don't mind a longer ferry trip, there are ferries across Biscay to Portsmouth and Plymouth from Spain.

Update: Looks like Eurotunnel are claiming they are full, although other sources are claiming otherwise. You could almost fly into Spain, buy a junker (cheap knackered car) and try driving home via the ferries.

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