Wednesday, 14 April 2010

It's the 70's all over again

The final proof of this blog posts title is that the musical 'Hair' has been resurrected and is playing in the West End of London.

Bloody hell fire.

Whatever next? No. Don't tell me, let me guess. The Conservatives will win a small overall majority. The following year a massive industrial dispute (Probably public sector) will force a Conservative government with a narrow majority to 'go to the country'. Whereupon the great British public will return a Labour Administration which will finish the great work of screwing Britain's economy once and for all. Said Administration will have to visit the IMF for a bailout. Then the country of my birth will circle the plughole three times before disappearing down an economic black hole. The EU, finding that there is no more money to be squeezed out of Britain or Germany will begin to fold for lack of cash.

This time there is no Thatcher to rescue Britain. Say what you like about the mighty Mrs (Now Baroness) T. She made us take the bad medicine and cut out the dead economic wood. This time the state suckled 'entitled' generation will not let that happen. Then they will be the first to the barricades when there's nothing left to fund their idle lifestyles.

Faced with an imbalance of funds flowing into the great European Federal project the EU will militarise or implode and disintegrate. Then silence. Nothing but utter blackness and fading laughter, apart from after dinner Cognac and Coffee, with a selection of tantalising Desserts from the trolley. There may also be cheese and crackers.

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