Sunday, 11 April 2010

Conversations with Canadians part 1

Spent yesterday evening with friends talking about, amongst many other things, how the Health Services operate here. As well as their day jobs, said friends periodically work as volunteers for a charity providing health care in economically depressed countries all over the world. One friend is Senior Manager within Vancouver Island Health Authority. Will see them today and pop the question; what would you do if someone within your Health Authority allowed an activist to use one of your databases for a political campaign.

I have the strangest feeling that the words "They'd never work in Canadian medicine again" might find their way tripping delightfully into the conversation. As far as health care is concerned, Canadians have things called ethics, which currently seem to be rather out of fashion in Britain at the time of writing.

It's also rather ironic that despite all the hoopla about obesity and alcohol consumption in Britain it seems that these things are on the increase. Well I suppose if you're being hectored all the time about what you're not allowed to do, extra booze and some comfort eating might just take the edge off it.

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