Monday, 26 April 2010

Volcano watch

Am keeping an eye on the situation regarding Iceland and volcanism. This little Earthquake swarm directly over the mid Atlantic ridge spreading zone was spatted in the early hours of this morning. Location is about 40km due almost North of the Grimsvotn Volcano at the northern tip of the Vatnasjokull glacier. The little tabs indicate the rough position of the quakes and the lighter the colour the larger the quake. For example, the yellow tab indicates a 3.3, and the green tabs a 2.3 and 2.4 respectively.

Utilising what little I know about volcanism, I'd say this doesn't mean a new eruption. On the other hand, I could have it all upside down. Although Earthquake swarms don't necessarily mean it's gonna-blow-and-Oh-my-GOD-we're-all-gonna-DIE!!! right this minute, it certainly means something is going on under that part of Iceland. What it is, is one for greater minds than mine.

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