Saturday, 3 April 2010

Here and there

Been perusing the news from the UK after we got our power restored (Again) today after the recent storm. BC's major resource (Trees) have been cutting power lines by falling on them in a typically Canadian and ecologically sustainable way. Our local power and cable companies respond in a typically Canadian and ecologically sustainable way using chainsaws. Dead tree is sustainably converted into logs which are recycled into log burning stoves, clearing space for new, more vigorous timber to grow, or left to mulch down, returning its nutrients to the soil. Storm caused power outages where we live out in the boonies following said storm have lasted less than nine hours in total. By contrast, a similar intensity storm in the UK has left people without power five days later. Ouch.

Locally, Federal and City taxes have stayed roughly the same overall. In the UK, comparable taxes are significantly up. Just as an aside, it's worth noting that if we ditched the so-called 'green' taxation locally, taxes would have actually fallen. Things are tight for everyone, but even to my limited intellect it seems like a poor economic choice to stick public sector spending and taxes up during a de facto economic depression. Something has to give.

Did I mention that all my old mates, stuck in the UK are jealous? Heh, heh, heh.

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