Sunday, 4 April 2010

So many by so few

Like the dog to his vomit I return to the online pages of the Daily Telegraph to encounter the same shit different day. More fool me. A visit to the columns of James Delingpole and Christopher Booker shows a veritable catfight between the 'True Believer' and 'Sceptic' factions in the argument over Man made Climate change. I rarely comment because you only get dragged into long pointless arguments over what constitutes 'evidence'. The one thing that strikes me is that although there may be two to four hundred comments on each story, the commenters appear to be a vociferous hard core of less than fifteen to twenty in number, with several posters using multiple ID's. Especially on Delingpole's blog. It's a veritable valley of the Trolls in there I tell you.

As far as I'm concerned the whole boondoggle is a big 'not proven and economic suicide if implemented'. Like much of the rest of humanity, I'm more concerned about where the next paycheck / meal is coming from than what some wildly speculating politician / media figure / pressure group / Fund-hungry researcher says will happen fifty or ninety years from now. I mean, look at all the doomsaying predictions from the last century that didn't come true. My point precisely.

Time for a nice bacon and egg breakfast with fresh oranges and good coffee. Chores to do, transatlantic calls to make, friends to visit.

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