Saturday, 3 April 2010

Are the British arresting bloggers now?

Oo-er. Breaking news just picked up from Grumpy old twat's blog, posted by Tractorstats. Grumpy Old Twat has gone missing presumed arrested and imprisoned for unspecified offences.

Is this true? Just what the kerfuffle is going on? Even if said blogger is to be released at 7am UK time on Sunday. Very strange.

Update: I call self publicising shenanigans. It's a 'read me' stunt. OH wasn't involved or he'd have blogged it. Guys, you're off my sidebar. April 1st was last week.

Website blocking back in the heinous UK digital economy bill? Anti-establishment Bloggers going missing? In a democracy? Sorry, forgot. The UK isn't a democracy any more. Hasn't even got an elected Prime Minister.

Laugh of the day; Grauniad article claiming teachers automatically 'mark down' children with less than cerulean skin tones. Mrs S guffawed at that one. Her response; "Mark them down? - You daren't." Besides, most examination marking is done anonymously, isn't it?

As for this little gem;

Yes, yes, please. Back to the Eighties. Not the nine o'clock news, Blackadder, The Young Ones, Spitting Image, the beginning of Red Dwarf. A comedy gold mine.

As for this stupid statement;
David Miliband said: "It was a very different Britain. It was a meaner, more brutal Britain. David Cameron joined the Conservative Party in the 1980s because he admired much of what Mrs Thatcher was doing."
He obviously doesn't recall the events that made the early privations of the 1980's necessary. Idiot.

Although I won't be going back to the UK in any case. I like it too much here in BC.

H/t Cranmer and Dick Puddlecote

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